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Temporarily destroyed
forever rebuilt

Presenting your dream home, right after the dust settles.

A little bit of chaos,
a lifetime in the home of your dreams.

Homeway is in the business of remaking your home into the home you’ve always dreamed of. We are expert craftspeople who have years of experience remodeling the home you have into the home you deserve.

What We Do

Homeway Construction is Memphis’ premier remodeler. Whether you are looking to remodel an entire home or just spruce up your bathroom or kitchen, Homeway has the expertise to give you artisanal results for a competitive price. Don’t settle for expensive work that doesn’t represent your vision or cheap work that is low quality. Call Homeway and get exactly what you’ve dreamed of at a price you can afford.

Water Damage

When your home experiences water damage, time is of the essence. We get to work immediately to minimize damage and keep mold from festering which helps reduce cost and stress. We will even help you work with your insurance company so you don’t spend an extra minute away from your home

Kitchen renovation

They say every great party ends up in the kitchen. Whether you are Rachel Ray or can’t boil water, when you have Homeway design and remodel your kitchen you’ll love it without reservation.

Bathroom renovation

Some people like quick showers and some like a long soak in the tub. Which are you? Either way we can remodel your bathroom to suit your taste. Does your bathroom need a little updating or a whole new look? Call us and let’s talk!

Residential Roofing
When you choose Homeway Construction, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the most up to date techniques as well as skilled technicians to build a quality roof that will outlast anything else on the market. Don’t let an inexperienced roofing company destroy your home or cause injury to your family with shoddy workmanship.

We are experts in renovations!

If you haven’t guessed by now when it comes to remodeling homes we know what we are doing. Our main goal is to provide expert level design and construction technique in the service of realizing your vision for your home. If you can imagine it we can make it.

We use only the finest, most experienced craftspeople and we take our time to ask you what you want in a remodeled kitchen, bathroom or home. We then do whatever it takes to deliver your dream to you. When we are finished your home will shine like a jewel.

We make dreams come true

Here are some homes we have worked on. Each of these projects was special to the people that lived there and was just as special to us.

Client's Reviews

Our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our clients. We at Homeway are dedicated to providing the highest level of craftsmanship and customer service to our clients. Because your home is special to you and you are special to us you can rest assured that you will be happy with our work. Homeway—We smooth the way to the home you deserve.

Bathroom Remodel New Bathroom
Happy Customer
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I cannot recommend Homeway Construction enough! They are reliable, easy to reach, reasonable people, and the remodel is beautiful. I went through the nightmare of having my home flood. Homeway was able to get all of the construction work done in great time, and they even let me customize the remodel details. I will always recommend and use Homeway from here on out.
Lee Ann Crossett
Happy Customer
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Homeway replaced our wood floors after a leak, and they are beautiful! They also replaced our drywall, fixed the ceiling from the leak, and painted. They did a wonderful job. Everything was expertly completed! The owner, Rowdy, was very quick to respond to all questions, and he was very easy to contact. Definitely a well-organized company!
Michelle Graves
Happy Customer
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Homeway installed a door, did a fireplace update, and created a closet in a bonus room that was above our garage. Communication was great and timely. We never waited long for a response. The work crews were friendly and professional. They cleaned up at the end of each workday, which we appreciated. The finished jobs were exactly that: Finished. There was nothing left for us to do or paint or caulk. This team has an excellent work ethic that you can't find easily now-a-days. Will we use Homeway for any home improvements projects that we decide to accomplish in the future.
Josh Blum
Happy Customer
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The floor in my home was hit with water damage from a busted pipe. Rowdy and his crew came in and replaced my entire floor within a few days. They moved all my furniture around while, and put everything back in place. They even clean your entire floor when everything's set back to normal. I would highly recommend their services!!
Mike Schooler
Happy Customer
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Rowdy and his contractors did a great job on repairing and remodeling our master bath and bedroom, kitchen and dining room flooring!
Angela Garey
Happy Customer
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If you need your house painted, you should call Homeway Construction. They pressure washed my house, took down all the gutters, replaced all the fascia boards and rotten wood, sealed and painted the all the new wood and painted and replaced all gutters. The house looks like new again! Joseph Legg has a hard-working crew that got the job done for a fair price!! I’m very happy with their work and will definitely use their services again.

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Jane Smith

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Jane Smith

Dedicated Craftspeople & Peerless Customer Service

Our people are artisans who have honed their craft over years to bring the skills to your job that will bring out the beauty of your home. When you call us you are always talking to the manager. We believe that when you hire a job done it should be done with love, craft and attention. Call Homeway. Master craftspeople. Years of experience. Your dreams delivered.

Request a quote

At Homeway we value your time as well as that of our estimators. We charge a fee for estimates based on the size and complexity of the estimate. Upon acceptance of the estimate, this fee is applied to the balance of the project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Please make sure to upload a photo a of the project you would like a quote on. This will ensure we are able to deliver your quote as fast as possible.


Each Homeway Construction project is unique and designed specifically for you. Because of this our prices vary depending on the specific size and cost of each renovation.

Homeway construction has long-standing partnerships with many vendors in Memphis. Because of this we are able to source the exact tile that will make your renovation perfect.

After we’ve agreed on exactly how to complete your renovation, and you’ve signed your contract with us, Homeway Construction will set up a schedule to complete your job. This ensures that we can deliver the results you want.