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Frequently asked questions

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We know you must have a lot of questions. We’ve provided some commonly asked questions and answers below. If you have any further questions please call us anytime. We love to chat.

Each project is unique with customer specific specifications. Price is determined by many varying factors such as size, intricacy, etc.

We work with a multitude of vendors around the city and their sales team who assists customers in choosing the correct tile for their specific wants/needs and the style they’re aiming for.

We set up a schedule to begin as soon as details are agreed upon and the contract is signed ensuring we understand the customers expectations, wants, and needs specific to their personal project.

On retail jobs, a deposit of the total cost of the project is due to begin. Throughout the process, draws will be set up upon completion of different stages.

Yes, we offer a 1 year craftsman warranty.

Crews are expected to arrive to specific job sites between 8-9am, pending supplies that have to be picked up that morning for said job. They will end their days between 4-6pm.

We set a schedule with each trade and try to work schedules for minimum amount of downtime.

We have skilled tradesmen that have experience and specialize in each specific trade. We don’t use a jack of all trades. (i.e. carpenter is a carpenter, painter is a painter, plumber is a plumber, electrician is electrician.)

Got Questions?

We at Homeway Construction would love to talk with you about how we can work together to renovate your home or business.